Here is my first Ajax Componant : a FREE pager... MyQpager !

It was written to be fully compatible with IE 6 and Firefox (I don't know for other browsers like Safari...)

It's a javascript OOP class made with the use of the prototype.js librairie for the ajax part and PHP for the sever side (if anyone does the server-side with an other language, it will be added to the blog downloaded section)

It can be highly customizing using css and by setting some javascript parameters as you can see below :

30 avril 2006

The MyQPager blog is open!

I'm waiting for any comment....


Anonymous Anonyme said...

Ce commentaire a été supprimé par un administrateur du blog.

7:53 PM

Anonymous Anonyme said...

no waiting. your url is dead.

8:20 AM

Blogger Moonwalker said...

Could you please repost the link to the zip file?


2:19 AM


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